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Conflict Coaching One Day Workshop

What is Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching WorkshopConflict Coaching helps identify the nature of the conflict and how to approach it creatively, supporting a person to manage a specific dispute, helping to change individual conflict behaviours and develop general conflict competency. The process develops greater clarity on the dynamics of the conflict and how these can be addressed and resolved.

It is conducted primarily through explorations aimed at clarifying and developing understanding of the specific conflict and the individual’s relationship with conflict generally. Through feedback, challenging and reality testing, the coach helps to identify options and limitations, the implication of outcomes and assist the client in take responsibility for their course of action.

A key task of conflict coaching is to enable the client to see the importance of understanding and taking account of the 'other' (mutuality). There are at least two people with individual experiences and interpretations of the conflict and of the world.

This course is offered by experienced and accredited mediators (conflict resolution specialists) who are also coaches and psychotherapists.


Understanding your own relationship to conflict

  • Appreciating how your mood and presence can influence the coaching process and how to stay ‘clean’
  • Understand your own style preference and how to optimise a conflict coaching approach

Identifying when and how Conflict Coaching can be used

  • Understanding the psychological approach to conflict coaching
  • Getting clarity on objectives for the conflict coaching through contracting and well-formed outcomes
  • Considering when and how to best use conflict coaching

Understanding the key skills in conflict coaching

  • Active listening
  • Understanding the importance of values and beliefs
  • Identifying coping strategies and behavioural traits and their relevance in the dispute
  • Identifying common themes

Practicing the skills

  • Powerful questioning
  • Trio coaching practice sessions to work on own skills development and on preparing coaching sessions with others
  • Action planning


  • Focus on preparing for the coaching situation
  • Intensive and repetitive workout on core skills
  • Introduces models and insights to broaden understanding
  • Practice sessions with feedback from peers and highly experienced coaching facilitators.


The day (10am to 5pm) will commence with thoughts and reflections on the course. This will be followed by a short talk from the tutors on the core theory and skills being considered that day. We will then focus the remainder of the day on role play sessions in breakout groups where students will practice what has been learnt. 

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