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Leadership Coaching Workshop


What is leadership?

Develop an understanding of:

  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership traits
  • Understand your own relationship to leading and being led
  • Recognise what this brings to your role as a Leadership Coach

Identifying when and how Leadership Coaching can be used

  • Understanding the psychological approach to leadership coaching

  • Getting clarity on objectives for the leadership coaching through contracting and well-formed outcomes
  • Considering when and how to best use leadership coaching
  • Understanding the key differences and dynamics when the coaching is bought by the organisation or by the individual

Understanding the key skills in Leadership Coaching

  • Active listening

  • Understanding the importance of values and beliefs
  • Identifying coping strategies and behavioural traits and their relevance in Leadership
  • Identifying common themes

Practicing the skills

  • Identifying the goals (personal and organizational)

  • Active listening
  • Powerful questioning
  • Trio coaching practice sessions to work on own skills development and on preparing coaching sessions with others
  • Action planning

Key Features

  • Focus on preparing for the coaching situation
  • Intensive and repetitive workout on core skills
  • Introduces models and insights to broaden understanding
  • Practice sessions with feedback from peers and highly experienced coaching facilitators.

Who is this Course For?

This course is useful for coaches, managers and individuals who wish to understand more about Leadership and the role coaching can play in facilitating leadership development.

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