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Leadership Skills

The movement into management whether for the first time or when progressing up the management chain can be often be a disorientating time. The core of your role is almost certainly going to change, the level of responsibility is likely to have gone up and the skills to carry out this role affectively could well be new to you too.

Promotion can lead to an increase in levels of anxiety while trying to adjust and meet the demands of the new role. Concerns about your ability to meet expectations may also be relevant. An increase in your stress levels both at work and in your home life is also a possibility either during the transition and/or as a result of the increase in responsibility and the number of hours that you are required to work.

Moving into Management for the First Time
Employees moving into management for the first time can often have an experience being promoted out of their skill set. The employee can often be promoted because they were an excellent sales man, trader or administrator but they know nothing about how to manage and/or may lack the requisite skills required to manage.

In all of these scenarios taking on a coach can be an excellent step to help give you the space and support to develop the skills needed in your new management role.

Moving into a Board Position

Whether reporting into the Board or starting in a Board level position there is arguably now more important capacity to develop than leadership presence and gravitas.

Some of the key challenges and skills you will inevitably be experiencing are:

  • The need to have great presence and gravitas
  • The ability to manage and influence multiple stakeholders
  • The ability to consolidate information from multiple sources to make strategic decisions
  • Excellent problem solving skills

Developing skills in these domains is central to my work with leaders. This process requires a deep level of trust to exist so that profound and sustained change can be achieved.

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