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Mediation Skills: Two Day Training

Course Aims

The course will provide delegates with:
A theoretical grounding of conflict from a practical philosophical and psychological perspective
An overview of the coaching process
Understanding and opportunity to practice the core skills
Ground these skills in a series of contextually relevant role plays

Course Content

What is Mediation?
The Mediation Process
The Importance of the Psychological Approach
Skills training: Active Listening
Understanding the Role of Emotions and Values in Mediation
Skills Training

  • Reflecting back, paraphrasing, summarising
  • Bracketing, tuning in, tuning out
  • Unpacking and themes

Mediation Role Plays

Course Format

Each day will follow a similar format (10am to 5pm) commencing with thoughts and reflections on the course so far. The first day will include theoretical foundations and introduction to core skills. This will then give way to a primary focus on practicing mediation skills using role plays. These role play sessions will include breakout groups where students will be encouraged to reflect on what has been learnt and what further development areas remain.

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