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Existential Perspectives on Coaching

Existential Perspectives on CoachingThe existential approach provides a unique focus on human life that is eminently relevant to coaching. Edited by key names in existential thinking, the book outlines the parameters of existential coaching in a wide variety of contexts and alongside other models, exploring how this approach can be used in coaching work.

The book contains chapters from established existential coaches and offers an introduction to the philosophical ideas which inform this approach, some exploration of key existential ideas within the coaching context and clear and accessible case examples.

In addition to Monica Hanaway's editing role, both Monica and Jamie Reed, the directors of Corporate Harmony have chapters in this book.

Will be published on 25th May 2012 and is available now for preorder on Amazon here!

About the Authors

EMMY VAN DEURZEN She directs the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling in London, UK, as well as the Existential Academy Ltd. Emmy founded the Society for Existential Analysis, and co-founded the International Collaborative of Existential Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

MONICA HANAWAY Director of The CH Group, Community and Corporate Harmony Ltd., and a practising psychotherapist, coach and mediator. She is a lecturer and supervisor at Regent's College, London, UK, and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC). She was lead member of the team who created the new MA in Existential Coaching now running at NSPC and acts as Deputy Director for the course. She was a member of the team who wrote the new MA in Creative Leadership at Regent's College and lectures on the course. She is an academic supervisor at Oxford University.

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