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In many ways the experience of being made redundant can often be synonymous with bereavement. It can often come as a complete shock, unless of course you are taking voluntary redundancy. If the redundancy was not expected there is likely to be a period of adjustment where if appropriate you have to find a new job or come to terms with being unemployed for an extended period of time.

This change of circumstances may in turn require you to move out of sector, take a pay cut and/or have a knock on affect to your sense of identity and wider quality of life. If you are facing a period of unemployment one of the first things that will be different will be the loss of income and structure to your day.

Learning how to come to terms with these changes and take things forward is likely to be vital. Taking the time to understand the impact of redundancy, decide what your next move is going to be and to put that plan into action can often be done for more quickly and effectively with the support of coaching.

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