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Team Coaching One Day Training

This course is offered by experienced and accredited managers, mediators (conflict resolution specialists) who are also coaches and psychotherapists and are specialists in providing coaching, mediation and leadership training.


Understanding different models

  • Eclectic Interventions
  • Process Consultation
  • Behavioural Models
  • Developmental

Identifying when and how team Coaching can be used

  • Getting clarity on objectives for the team coaching through contracting and well-formed outcomes
  • Considering when and how to best use conflict coaching          

Looking at two approaches to Team Coaching in detail

  • Using the GROW model to take a team towards an organizational goal
  • Coaching a ‘dysfunctional team’
  • Identifying the blocks to the effective functioning of the team
  • Enabling understanding of the individual needs of group members and how these need to be addressed in order to meet a collective goal

Understanding the key skills in conflict coaching

  • Knowledge of how teams operate
  • Exploring some theories on team roles
  • Active listening
  • Identifying coping strategies and behavioural traits in individuals and their relevance in the team process
  • Identifying common themes and goals

Practicing the skills

  • Active listening
  • Understanding the dynamics and roles
  • Powerful questioning
  • Team Coaching practice sessions to work on own skills development and on preparing for coaching sessions with other teams
  • Action planning


  • Focus on preparing for the coaching situation
  • Intensive and repetitive work on core skills
  • Introduces models and insights to broaden understanding
  • Practice sessions with feedback from peers and highly experienced coaching facilitators.


The day (10am to 5pm) will commence with thoughts and reflections on the course. This will be followed by a short talk from the tutors on the core theory and skills being considered that day. We will then focus the remainder of the day on role play sessions in breakout groups where students will practice what has been learnt.


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